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We are a B2B operator

Our solution is different thanks to 4 factors:


Blockchain offers a superior transparency and credibility, because once recorded, the bet and score can not be hacked nor changed.

No typical wagering

The UNITY888 pot is divided with transparent proportional prize algorithm secured by smart contract.


The desktop app does not need internet address, so it does not depend on web server, but peer-to peer IFPS platform, without any border limit. Mobile app to be developed.

Payment currency

We offer both cryptocurrency and fiat payments through mobile apps or credit cards.

Our unique selling points are:


Transparent and attractive payouts to winners: as much as 94 per cent of the pot is divided between the winners: only transaction fee and 5% as UNITY888.com commission are deducted from pot prize.

No intermediary

UNITY888 allows everyone to play with friends or other community members without any intermediary, moreover there is no need to run and maintain the centrally owned and controlled server.

Our two revenue streams:


B2B white label model for business partners who take care of marketing and community under their own brand.


SaaS white label for sports clubs and associations. We would offer revenue sharing: 80% for partner, and 20% for us, with one off set up fee and minimum monthly fee.

About UNITY888 Platform

We can risk a sentence that UNITY888 is the SAFIEST betting platform in the world.

UNITY888 supports players with the platform releasing gaming from the control of third party operators. Players using UNITY888 can play between themselves directly on the blockchain: not need to run and maintain the centrally owned and controlled server.

Game is provided with transparent proportional prize algorithm secured by smart contract, which does not need any third 'trusty' party like a centralized company. Almost 95 per cent of the pot go to the winners. Only transaction fee and 5% is deducted from prize pot as UNITY888 commission.

100% Ethereum based solution allows to launch the platform without the domain server.

UNITY888 Team

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Below features of the UNITY888 platform make great place for fun with friends
and present the unique solutions for the betting world


Data are organized by Smart Contracts in Ethereum network which asure higher security than traditional betting companies.


Blockchain-based platform with open source code transparency with smart contract legacy to exclude human factor.

Full Access

Unique standalone website INDEPENDENT of web server: no need to use standard www domain. Accessible for everyone around the world without limitations.

Fast Payments

No fiat (USD, EUR, GBP) payments: prizes are paid in Ethereum cryptocurrency just in seconds via the Metamask tool. Nobody has access to players money.

Honest Prizes

Fair Prize Algorithm which is based on full pot with elimination of traditional odds.

Autonomous Environment

The UNITY888 platform is managed by few processes which are responsible for sport event update and verification, connection with blockchain network and support of smart contracts. The human factor has been reduced to a minimum.


The statistic depicts the size of the global online gambling market by region in 2012 and 2015 with forecasted figures 2018.
In 2015, the market size of the online gambling industry in North America reached 4.89 billion U.S. dollars,
this figure was forecasted to reach 8.66 billion U.S. dollars in 2018.
The global online gambling market was valued at 37.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2015.
This was forecasted to reach 59.79 billion U.S. dollars in 2020.


Our Team

We know that the blockchain will change the world in many sectors and we want to be a part of this future.

Especially widely understood entertainment and finance sectors have unlimited potential in blockchain technology.
At least $1.3 billion invested globally in 2018 and this trend will be stronger in the next years.

Konrad Banasiak

Konrad Banasiak

CTO, Founder

Experienced Project, Service, Business and Contract Management competences. Proficiency in BMC Remedy, IT contracts negotiations, ITSM Best Practices.
Project Management: Prince

Tomasz Baglaj

Tomasz Baglaj

Co-Founder, Technology Consultant

Author of Android educational games for children. Experienced IT consultant with the insurance and retail business knowledge. Database enthusiast.

 Thomas Nowakowski

Thomas Nowakowski

Business Development

Former Wall Street Fund Manager, Early Stage Investor at times, and Entrepreneur at other times, with experience on both sides of the table. Fintech startup founder with successful exit. Advisor to M&A transactions between China-Australia.

Arek Kuich

Arek Kuich


Serial entrepreneur, visionary, strategist, co-founder and investor in over 30 companies with 10 IPOs completed.
STO, ICO, IPO and VC advisor.

Premier International Trading Limited

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